Svengali – Is It You or Is It Me? (Gen Greer)

The First Minute

I can walk into pretty much any room and find the girl bound to break my heart.

The First Hour

I felt her pulling at me and I knew soon I would unravel.

The First Night

To want her was to want everything.

The First Week

My relationship to her was like smoking. I needed her in my body. Filling my lungs. Expanding me. Turning me into a dragon. Slowly my need was killing me.

The First Month

It was like she took my center. Or perhaps she had become it?

The First Year

I wonder about a world where love doesn’t hurt.


At some point in our lives we have all loved wrong.


Gen Greer (she/her) is finishing the final semester of her undergraduate degree. After graduation she hopes to teach writing and continue to push her work into the world. Her goals are to write stories which give voices to emotionally complicated womxn tackling issues of internalized homophobia, fatphobia, body image, depression, and addiction. 


image: Jesse Hilson