Lower Michigan (Mackenzie Moore)

First thing on your docket
once ‘ya been pricked by the needle?

Go get pricked by needles
fill the tank up with ink
saturate the swaths
that stood vacant and lonely—
like the kolache shop 
that ran out of money— 
all those months

Go break in the Roaring 20s, redux
love the ticket scalpers 
and the metal scanners 
even if you wake up to

joints stiff, locked, and foggy
from pressing the barricades so tight

Go make it out to Michigan,
go make out in Michigan
splay out four forearms
and drink a New Holland
as the ink sinks in, cause
I’d go to Ypsilanti, with you.


Mackenzie Moore is a writer and illustrator based in Los Angeles who currently writes for television and podcasting. Her chapbooks Alms Basket for Your Heart and Bento Box are out now.


image: Mackenzie Moore