Seven Lines of Gratitude: A Rejection letter to Poets Who Run After Fire (Timi Sanni)

–& because sometimes, a muse becomes a peacock

or because sometimes, a muse becomes a saint who revels

in the glory of confessions that when a lie uncloaks

and tries to hide between the lines of your poem, they descend

on you like an avalanche with a collage of wrathful nuances

till the nib of your pen hides its tears in fear, there are times

when a poem finds me simply breathing


Timi Sanni is a Nigerian writer and literary enthusiast. His works have been published or are forthcoming in various literary journals like Radical Art Review, African Writers, Rather Quiet, Praxis Magazine, Nanty Greens and elsewhere.

His works often addresses emotions and truth. He recently won the SprinNG Poetry Contest and is the recipient of the Fitrah Review Prize for Fiction 2020. When not writing or studying, he is either painting or exploring new hobbies.


image: Alan Tenhoeve