Rejection Letters


my DNA boils in a soup pot. in go my brain pills.
greta, what should i do about the environment?
existential sadness will not grant me a house in the woods,
a golden retriever, a job that pays well, water
that sustains me.
how do i move past eating plastic
bags like chains of jelly fish, or blaming
my mom.
hello hole in the sidewalk. hello typewriters
and walking sticks. tins of unopened peas.
is it time to find the house of my dreams?
i put on my shoes.
i turn on the car.
i walk backwards in a magnificent gown
held together up the back with duct tape.


m. forajter is the editor of Tarpaulin Sky Press & Magazine. Her work has been published in several magazines, including The Journal Petra, Court Green, Burning House, Deluge, and Witch Craft Magazine. Her chapbooks, WHITE DEER and Marmalade Girl, are available from dancing girl press. She really likes Nirvana, werewolves, and medieval art.
You can find her on twitter @saint_remus.


image: Lindsay Hargrave

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