love letter to dr. phil (Samantha Fain)

in response to a dr. phil soundboard

your drawl scrawls
through my ears at 4pm.
i shut the tv off.
you’re still there,

you southern god.

you’re rancid & you blow
your nose with money.

a man without a mercy-bone.  

i am convinced
you could make me
domestic like a rag-doll.

you would mark me as mad,
worthy of an axe,
or maybe a second broadcast.

but i would show you
only my ringworm,
how it grows
to a golf ball,
then a peach.


you’d yell at me not to cry,
& i’d choke you
with your favorite blue tie.

you would die
kinky, whispering
confidentialities in your dead sleep.

can’t you cure me?


Samantha Fain is an MFA candidate at Bowling Green State University. Her work has appeared in Rattle Poets Respond, The Indianapolis Review, SWWIM, Utterance, and othersShe tweets at @smnthfn.


image: Jesse Hilson