Rejection Letter: Semilore Kilaso (Semilore Kilaso)

Dear MG Dawn,

Thank you for sharing your work with us. We are grateful for your support of Black Owned Businesses and effort in the Black Lives Matter movement. What you and your team are doing for the Black Indigenous People Of Color is great.

Unfortunately, we will be passing on your essay “The Africanisation of Black” as it does not fit in our issue due to the inconsistency in your narration and the misinformation underscoring the essay. We would like to clarify that not all Africans have black skin and not all black-skinned people are Africans.

AFRICA IS NOT A COUNTRY. Africa is a continent with 54 countries having diverse culture, tradition and indigenous languages. African Art is not defined by nudity, slavery and barbarism neither does it underscore our lifestyle. That is just the part the media decides to sell. We are confident experiencing Africa and her culture would bring you to light and help shape your essay.

You are always welcome to resubmit. We would cherish the chance to read your essay again, until then stay safe,


Semilore Kilaso         

Concerned African


Semilore Kilaso is a Nigerian-born poet who loves to collect photographs of humans, architecture, wildlife, and landscape. When she is not playing Scrabble online or reading books, she is reading lines from architectural drawings. Her works appears in Culturalweekly, Entropy, Litvalley, and elsewhere. You can find her on twitter @ooreola


image: Stephanie Jacobs