RE: [This Queer Body] SINGLE CHIN HAIR

Dear My Face,

Thank you for submitting SINGLE CHIN HAIR for our consideration. Again. While we admire your perseverance, we still believe that SINGLE CHIN HAIR is not a good fit for us at this time.

As per our last three hundred and seventeen responses, we would love to see any new work you’re ready to share. If you have a completed draft of A CURLY MUSTACHE, LAUGH LINES THAT MAKE ONE LOOK WISE AND APPROACHABLE, or even GRIMY WIZARD’S BEARD we may be able to accept submissions of that nature.

As usual, we like to remind all our submitters to look closely at our submissions guidelines, particularly #4 which states, “Any submission containing MELANOMA or SKIN CANCER of any kind is completely unacceptable and will be automatically rejected. We aim to give a spotlight to diverse voices and as such, This Queer Body will never tolerate hate-speech or bigotry of any kind, including the body attacking the body.”

We wish you luck in placing SINGLE CHIN HAIR elsewhere. Perhaps consider a collaboration with My Nipple? That might be fun.


All The Best,

This Queer Body Editor-In-Chief


Brooke Kolcow is a nonbinary trans writer whose work has appeared in Taco Bell Quarterly, Hoot Review, and The Southampton Review. They currently volunteer as the Snack Mechanic at Taco Bell Quarterly and as a mentor to teen creative writers at the Just Buffalo Writing Center. @bkolcow


image: Alan Tenhoeve