Text—The End

s’up I have a mtg soon need to prep

     u always have a mtg or an appt or need to boost your bromance

ur such a bitch why fight with me when I’m on the road

     not fighting I’m communicating

ur fighting ur a pass/ag bitch

     you can’t talk to me like that

I can’t talk to you at all


ever wondered why I’m on the road so much

     u’r hundreds of miles away and you drop this on me?

no time like the present FYI I’m in Sudbury–place I was born

     nobody is born there … babies are dug out of earth mothers like nickel

a slam at my mom now?

     what? no!

I can’t to do this now

     You’re a dick my mother said so, I defended you

u’r mom loves me

     no she doesn’t

sure she does- every wed.


every wed.

     What abt wed? it’s my yoga class

why it works

     but she paid for yoga for my b-day

great setup yeah?

     you’re lying.

nope heart shaped mole left ass cheek

     OMG did I tell you that?


     god! my own mom?

my best friend?


I know about u and Ted


I know u and ted are bed buds

     Ted tell you that


     then if you have no proof?

tip for the future don’t video

     I would never

oh babe – saw it

     effing Ted grrr

yep, that’s what I saw too


so we’re done

     WTF? this is how you break us up after four years? text?

it’s the age of instant communication


sorry my mtg is starting have a nice life c u never

     what about my stuff

I’ll ask the super to let you in

     this can’t be it

this is it


Vera Constantineau is a poet and short fiction writer. She’s currently poet laureate of the City of Greater Sudbury and is a member of the Sudbury Writers’ Guild, Haiku Canada and the Manitoulin Writers’ Circle.