Maybe the poem is shit: it’s likely the poem is shit       Who knows
but maybe the poem is what happens when
shit happens

Such a cliché, shit is          When it shits it        runs
Shit gets fucked up            but all the shitty writers keep churning out
shit               Waiting for the fan to hit

is what good girls sometimes say to be bad      unlikely
as they are              ever to partake of shit
Even just a little shit

Shit is a happening: shit is a movement
shit is this moment
Shit is who thinks it            and who thinks
Fuck this shit

You don’t like this shit?      Get your mouth around it:
a bit of shit will help you swallow            more of it


Kathryn Hummel is an Australian writer, researcher and multi-media artist constantly on roaming. Author of seven books of poems, her latest is Lamentville (Singapore: Math Paper Press, 2019). More info @