Rejection Letter: Timothy Tarkelly

Dear Pitchfork contributor,

When James decided to soulfully plea
for help, with his anger,
his ability to understand questions,
to punch through glass
in the productive way,
and when he decided to accompany his plea
with drums that sound like boiling mud
and a guitar tuned so low
it had Hot Topic kids lengthening their chains,
dying their jeans two shades blacker,
had them keepin’ on, searching
for that raging, red fist,
practicing taking shots at their bullies,
but only found themselves
a new set of problems,

he was legitimately doing the best that he could.
And Kirk was just glad to be a part of it.

I think that counts for something.



Timothy Tarkelly‘s work has appeared in From the Depths, Philosophical IdiotBack Patio PressRusty TruckCauldron Anthology, and other magazines, online journals, etc. He has two books of poetry published by Spartan Press: Luckhound (2020) and Gently in Manner, Strongly in Deed: Poems on Eisenhower (2019). He runs Roaring Junior Press, a chapbook publisher that specializes in small runs of sci-fi/fantasy, horror, and pop-culture infused poetry. When he’s not writing and publishing, he teaches in Southeast Kansas.