Egg Whites

Mrs. Barrett kept her husband’s body in the garage refrigerator, but she didn’t kill him. His heart combusted in his rib cage during Sunday breakfast, popping his eyes out like egg whites. Wiping sugar-free orange juice from his collar, she carried him to the fridge. The police found him weeks later, half-preserved, still wearing his church clothes, cradling a gallon of skim milk. They took him away. Mrs. Barrett’s attempts to sue the police department for thievery proved fruitless. In the end, she crawled into the empty refrigerator herself, let the cold still her own heart, lest it combust too.


Regan Puckett is a writer from the Ozarks, which isn’t much like the Netflix show. She has yet to discover the perfect cappuccino, but has found some strong contenders. She was awarded the winner of the 2019 NYC Midnight International Flash Fiction Competition and has three upcoming publications.