The First Text On My WhatsApp the Thursday Afternoon After My Last Semester Paper or A Lover’s Cheerful Goodbye Note

Dear Mr TooMuchLove,

First, congrats on your last paper. You kissing my lips that night in December was the start of a new thing — this thing.

Your love was great but not for me. Though, we had a lot of good moments, like banging in my sister’s place under a veil not to mention the moment with the stars.

I’ve decided to end this love affair; flush it down this closet I am currently sitting on.

Please, don’t visit me after reading this and never call my number. I do hope we stay friends and would text your ass when I want.

You don’t need to think of me as I would be right by you — as a friend of course, if you’d have me.




Ayobami Adesina is a poet and humanist, a closing student of social work at the University of Ilorin, Nigeria. His words are in Barren magazine, Praxis magazine, One Sentence Poems, HIV Here & Now, Peeking cat poetry, Nantygreens, Ngiga review and Memento: an anthology of contemporary Nigerian poetry. He divides his spare time between chess and volunteering and curates book review in ARTmosterrific. He is @adesinaayoi on twitter.