Rejection Letter: Michael McGill

Dear -,

Thank you for your submission.


(…and the narrow eyes of the poets glaze over at this point, for ‘unfortunately’ is a word we wear well.

‘Unfortunately’ is the point where we stop reading, and start thinking – of the why and the wherefore, the here and the therefore, of the what-next and the how-fucking-soon?

‘Unfortunately’ is the badge we wear on our coats like 70s radicals, like Debbie Harry wore at CBGB’s sometimes, or like Boy George wore on a hat in 1987 – remember that?

‘Unfortunately’ is, as the cliché says, what it is.

At least until next time.)


Michael McGill is a UK-based poet from Edinburgh, Scotland who has recently had work published by 24 Unread Messages, Funhouse Magazine, The Haiku Quarterly and Detritus. His overheard comments and photostory projects regularly appear on Twitter and Instagram, and he has also performed his work on the Lies, Dreaming podcast.

Twitter: @MMcGill09
Instagram: michael7209