Rejection Letter: Mandira Pattnaik

Dear Travancore Beach,

Thank you for sending us, ‘Snapshots from Yesteryears’. Unfortunately, we couldn’t come up with better news in these testing times but we want you to know this rejection does not mean never. We loved the piece, like how you fill in turquoise for the ocean in the backdrop and etch the palm trees against the azure and place an ochre kite at the centre of it, before you bring in the characters. We enjoyed, as we’re sure you did, some precious moments with someone important, the drama that unfolded, the noise and emotions, but we’re sorry it didn’t culminate into something more tangible or worth celebrating some years down the line. We particularly connected with the tactile details like the hint of a frown on her face and his eyes just a wee bit roving.

This is a strange thing to say but perhaps you may consider revising the piece, with someone more reliable, who doesn’t ditch or lie to you.

As you know much of the process is about finding the right match, I’m sure you’ll find someone soon. Thanks again. Best of luck,



Stuck at the Same Place.


Mandira Pattnaik is humbled to have received a warm reception for her recent works published in Cabinet of Heed, Door Is A Jar, Commuterlit, Eclectica, Lunate, (Mac)ro(mic) and Runcible Spoon among others. Fiction pieces are forthcoming at Spelk, Star82, Brilliant Flash and Fiction Berlin. She lives in India and tweets erratically @MandiraPattnaik when she can find the time.