Rejection Letter: Temidayo Jacob

Dear BBC, 

for being fucked the 69th time
but never tired of being ridden a bit.
we appreciate the chance to accept your poem,
“the girth and length of your big black cock”.
we value how much effort you‘ve put into this.
“the girth and length of your big black cock”
is not quite the size we are soliciting for.
your resilience is five-star, we‘re sorry to
disappoint you — after much consideration
we will have to pass on your greatness this time.
we are sure — no longer hoping —
that you will find a worthy home to swallow
your undeniably strong rich endowment.
we hope you don‘t come to us next time, for this body
we call home will never be big enough or be able to take in
“the girth and length of your big black cock”. 

Raunchy Regards,
Kitty Bobs
Editor, Scrotum Journal


…I picked my pen the 70th time
to write how my body becomes a scar
adorned by memories of rejections,
but my strength fails me,
because it is not only journals that reject me.
My lover also reminds me of
how my body recoils at every affection:
a flower of shame; a tattoo of loneliness


Temidayo Jacob is a sociologist who writes from the North Central part of Nigeria. He writes as an African voice through a global view and his works explore the connection between poetry, humans, and society. He is passionate about espousing the conflict between the individual and the society, especially through identity, sexuality, and conformity. Temidayo Jacob is a publisher at foenix press. He is the author of Beauty Of Ashes. He is also a curator at Artmosterrific. Temidayo’s works have appeared and are forthcoming on Rattle, Outcast Magazine, Lucent Dreaming, Kalahari Review, Peeking Cat Poetry, Sub-Saharan magazine, Page Adventure, and others. He is also a contributor to leading anthologies. You can reach him on Twitter @BoyUntouched.