Wax Windows (Jennifer Todhunter)

We carry stubs of crayons from our childhood into the barely-there space of adulthood, melt them down with lighters we steal from our boyfriends who own shit-heap cars we suck them off in. Sometimes, we sit around one of our coffee tables, the kind of platform you build with milk crates and plywood, the only […]

Mk II (Evan Nicholls)

‘Missy Hood’, A Good Watchdog, d. 2001 For so long, I have not been able to sleep. A while back, I had run a chainsaw through the cross and tossed it onto the burnpile. Then three days ago, I telephoned the game warden about this phantom dog: ‘The whole farm’s gone blewy.’ The warden said […]

elegy for unknown recipient (Franziska Hofhansel)

i’m in bed wearing nothing but sandals and sea glass earrings from the store on main st with that beautiful man and his vicious cats and i’m lying there like this and i don’t look pretty or anything because my makeup’s fucked up from somewhere–crying maybe–and there’s a woman in the bed with these awful […]

Drowning (Alyssa Arns)

At 3:47 PM, a boy dressed in black was found littering a variety of objects outside of corporate headquarters, mansions, and the docks surrounding several expensive yachts. Sniffling, he tied the knot around several water balloons. Bent over buckets he whimpered, crying before chucking a yellow plastic shovel into the White River. He was reported […]

Country Lanes (Nick Rossi)

A bowling alley can survive in Chicago if the suburb is south enough. This one has a lot the size of a city proper block lined with massive yellow spines sitting largely empty six days a week, an asphalt canvas for drivers to make smooth curves on when leaving the gas station to head back […]

Television (Leila Register)

A man writes a story about a dinner party. Includes the line: “groups of women twirl in long dresses by the fireplace.” Groups of women! Who can picture this room?  All beautiful stuff is full of lies. The bitter thing inside me is starting to show. I’m going through the motions. Not enjoying sex. No […]

Newton’s Third Law (Nam Hoang Tran)

As a proud member of the annual passholder club, I was troubled when Disney announced closure amidst an ongoing pandemic. Over the course of a few short weeks, a piece of my childhood had been taken from me. The following is a list of things I missed arranged in accordance to how much sleep was […]

Post-Apocalyptic Happy Meal (W. A. Hawkins)

Breaded pink slime. Barbecue sauce. Heroin. My stomach churns and I’m about to throw up but then I’m fine. It’s cold in here, but it doesn’t seem to bother you. I need to learn how to fix your hair. There’s a video where a dad uses a vacuum cleaner to do it. I should try […]

California Dreamin’ (Saxon Baird)

I wrote California Dreamin.’ You know, The Mamas and the Papas. In ‘65 I ran away from the terror of my father’s fist and hopped a bus near Iowa City with dishwashing money shoved in my sock. I met Mama Cass outside a tent commune near Monterey a week later. She put a stamp of acid […]

Grave of the Jellies (J.B. Stone)

The first corpse I ever saw was a scattered mosaic of washed-up jellyfish splayed across the shores of Far Rockaway beach. The rancid stench of their tide-washed flesh was everywhere. I was six, so of course my brain said they must be sleeping. My father warned me not go near them, but I didn’t listen. […]

The Tank Museum (Graham Irvin)

(cw: violence) I’ve been dreaming about the tank museum in Danville, VA. My family refuses to go with me to the tank museum. But soon, when my family goes to the tank museum, I will see big boy guns and shoot’em up guns. And blow’em up guns and galleries of blood. I want to spend […]

Distractions (Josh Vigil)

I met God. I mean, God is here. She lifts her hand, rolls her palm into a small, lumpy potato-colored heart. God, she is saying, is curled within her fist. He isn’t some big man up in the clouds looking down on us. He is here. He is energy. Vibrations. Black ink snakes along her […]

A Few of the Things that Have Fallen out of My Truck (Nathaniel Kennon Perkins)

Bill and I didn’t meet at Home Depot until 11:30 AM. He’d been in court all morning, most likely because of some violation of his probation. He’d gotten out of jail early because of COVID-19, but he wasn’t too good about showing up to meetings with his probation officer or taking the piss tests. I […]

About what happened at the dinner party. (M. Price)

Yeah, but the way she looks at him makes me want him too, which is out of character for me because I really only like pretty men who go to the gym at 6 in the morning to flirt with themselves, sweating and bulging in the big mirrors because that’s the only way they’ve ever […]

The night the fridge fucked up Pete’s car (Sheldon Birnie)

Look, we only threw that fridge off the balcony because the landlord said it was cool. When we called him up back in June we told him, Man, this fridge you set us up with conked out. All the food’s fucked. We didn’t tell him whoever got the last beer before passing out the night […]

firewords (Ginger Yifan Chen)

Five seconds after midnight, the fireworks begin. The BANG! of a starting pistol. The referee had been briefly distracted. This is an inept metaphor. The year is not a race. We all finish at the same time. They’re illegal, of course. The fireworks. We’re barely within city limits. But we are, so it counts. The […]

Red Phone to Moscow (Bram Riddlebarger)

I was once inside the Pentagon. I was deep inside the secret heart of America. I was in the room with the red phone to Moscow. There it sat. There were many computers doing the job. Perhaps ten soldiers manned the desks. The soldiers didn’t mind that my wife and I were there with our […]

We Never Shit (Mark Wilson)

We hated watching it shit so we removed it’s asshole. We hated the way it breathed so we removed its mouth. We were sick of it listening so we removed its ears. We were sick of it watching so we removed its eyes. We were left with the most adorable living adjacent dog anyone could […]

The Ruins (Caroljean Gavin)

One day a lost woman in a ball gown will ripple and blink through the cracked asphalt of the Acificap Shopping Plaza. Under an orange sunrise the morning melodies of the MerMaids will rise up from the sea. UniClones will graze on wild succulents, horns tipped to the soil. The stores will all be boarded, […]

Where I live (Tyler Dempsey)

What stands out, is her puckered up lips. Her lips puckered up, and it, lifting like this. See this pen on your desk here. Just like this. A pen is where I hid the thing naughty girls like best. Tonight, this night, of which we’re talking, this night, I brought over Jane. I knew she […]


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