The Subject of Space (Heaps)

The surgeon, after his second date with Marisa, seemed sheepish about the more gruesome facts of his work — When she wanted to know if the surgeon could bear the jolts of electricity when he touched the cold metal, he called for the waiter. When Marisa asked when he learned to stop looking into the […]

Good Wine (Kevin M. Kearney)

On his way to the liquor store, Connor Lick rubbed his bald head and felt for ingrown hairs. He almost never shaved more than once a day for fear of nicking his tender skin. Because, of course, a head riddled with nicks usually led to a scalp decorated with toilet paper. And, as everyone knows, […]

Boohoo you were born in a cult. (Nate Hoil)

The alien cult hacks your cellphone camera as the air conditioners keep your future corpse from spoiling. I hope you like soaking in marinated space. You are going to spin over flames on a stick. “No memory is nice here,” says my beautiful reptile to her temperamental cleaver. I’d take her for a walk but […]

Some Rooms Are Just Not Going to Work (Scott Mitchel May)

So get this, some motherfucker in some motherfucking room told me I was motherfucking allergic, ALLERGIC, to motherfucking alcohol; and the only motherfucking thing I have to say about that is that that motherfucker is as motherfucking full of shit as the motherfucking judge who made me motherfucking sit in that motherfucking room in the […]


I need help finishing my sci/fantasy novel. I’m about 90% sure I know how I want it to end, but I have a few tweaks and decisions to make. I want to make sure I get this right. Everything I’ve read has told me the ending has to be perfect. A bit of background: the […]

Give Me Sugar Plums (Michael Colbert)

I told you Santacon was a bad idea, and now you’re dry-heaving at the ATM with Rudolph, standing in your vomit, and I’m blathering to a snowman about how I was right. The snowman’s grabbing the zipper of his mask, nodding away. He has been since he escorted me from the dance floor to the […]

Enter John And The Rhinoceros (Mallory Smart)

half way through Eugène Ionesco’s 1959 absurdist play “Rhinoceros” she began to think of John. she always thought of him late at night when she was smoking and reading things that were weird, full of melancholy and trauma. she made herself a cup of black coffee—stumptown blend from when she was in portland. she was […]

We’re All Going to Die Here (Emily Costa)

This guy on Facebook asks what is there to do in this town that’s fun and 194 people answer. They are townies, mostly. I’m almost a townie. I’ve been here six years but was born in the city next door. I rented an apartment here because it was cheaper, because it was quieter. Because there […]

we can regain ability in terrific ways (Kevin Richard White)

Do you want anything at Barnes and Noble? I texted her. I think I’m gonna go on my lunch break. We haven’t dated in months, she texted back. Lose my number. I figured I’d still get her a good book anyway. There’s a ton at the store. I found some bestsellers on the front table. […]

Skunk (dave housley)

The skunk gets his bearings. He is…where is he? It is cold, dark, as always the landscape is glossy and rolling and endless. He taps for the cigarettes in his left front pocket, knowing even as he does so that he will find no Dunhills. He remembers the days when you would wander into a […]

Bandicoot Summer (Rhea Dhanbhoora)

There was a summer when big bandicoots took over. The same summer they took over you said we were better together, the summer we lived together, the summer we bought a hamster, the summer I wore my cheap metal washer, my engagement ring. The summer the big bandicoots took over you said we were better […]

How Meat Could Be The Next Big Thing (Matt Rowan)

I found the heart pumping and spurting blood from its many severed veins. I was already running late for my important meeting. It seemed like fate. It seemed like fate because I was also completely unprepared for the meeting. All my bosses would be there, all ten of them. They wanted to know about meat. […]

Notes from the Train (Twishaa)

Woman enters train. One seat is empty. Next to Tupi wearing, paan-chewing man. She takes it. At the first stop, a seat beside me is vacated. Woman gets up and sits next to me. At the second stop, a seat between two white men is vacated. Woman gets up and sits between them. *** Twishaa […]

Goodbye, Sven (Devin Kate Pope)

It costs two hundred dollars to humanely put a bird to sleep. That’s significantly less than the one thousand it costs for the MRI to see if surgery is possible. And the surgery is still more. So, to Vance, two hundred sounds like a steal. The bird in question lays in a small box by […]

Diamondhead (Amy Barnes)

I cut off Bob’s head with my good sewing scissors. The lei around his neck looked frivolous when the picture was snapped. He hated it. His sneeze was exaggerated like a cartoon character. On that third day of our marriage, I wished he was a fictional man whose head was held up by Hawaaian flowers […]

Zelda (Danielle Chelosky)

I am in Michigan when Zelda the Mysterious predicts:You are a very sensitive person and a very critical one. You have a sharp tongue which may cause unhappiness to others.                                                                         * You’re always mean to me, he says while we walk down a path in a sprawling park in New Jersey. I can’t tell […]

Prayer For Leaving In The Middle Of The Night (Ruth Weissmann)

On the car ride we practice our hagiography. Saint Anthony, patron of lost things, please let my plastic panther with the eyes that glow in the dark be hiding under the seat and not left at our house, my brother says. His sock feet on the passenger headrest dance and dance. It’s not going to […]

Everything Must Go (Dana Knott)

Eight a.m. on a Saturday morning, Rachel opened the door, clad only in her robe and fuzzy slippers, without even a quick look through the peephole. A mob of people pushed past her and poured into her house. They picked up and examined various items in each room, shouting at Rachel, “How much you want […]

Sometimes, Susan (Shaemus Spencer)

You ever have a panic attack? It’s not the same as the anxiety you get when you’re up for a review at work or when your stomach won’t stop turning and your hands keep shaking after a close call on the highway. I mean the kind of thing that feels like you’re having a heart […]


It has taken me a year to grow the beard of my dreams. I bought all the oils, all the conditioners, all the brushes and now it is dark and full of mirth down to my navel. That is until a bird flies into it. And it is not just any bird, no. This one […]


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