The Teacher (Kira K. Homsher)

The teacher often forgot herself in the middle of sentences. When she fell quiet during lectures, the students would look up at her, their faces hopeful and cruel. They doubted her, she knew, and wondered where their tuition money was going. She wanted to give them strange gifts. She wanted to help them unlock the […]

Elvis’s Homecoming (Caleb Bouchard)

An Elvis impersonator went home for Thanksgiving dinner. His mother, a Marilyn Monroe impersonator, greeted him at the front door wearing a white dress and a wig full of shimmering blond curls. The Elvis impersonator blushed as his eyes accidentally passed over her blossoming dress, upturned by air coming from a floor grate in the […]

Hunting and Gathering (Amanda Anderson)

I murdered the clock. It was not a pretty sight. It felt worth it, though, in the silence that followed. I laughed until I cried, then cried a little (a lot), sitting on the floor like a malleable old doll with my legs stretched out, hands palms-up, resting on the floor. A-huh-a-huh-a-huhhhh, I cried, my […]

Lead Singer of the Band (Leigh Chadwick)

I am the lead singer of the band. I am not a good lead singer. We are not a good band. My voice is powder. My voice is thirty seconds into a cough drop. My voice faucets. I am the lead singer of the band. I do it for the ass. The bathroom stalls of […]

At a bar in my hometown and pointing (Kelsi Lindus)

I am in my hometown. After a dozen years I am in my hometown sitting at a bar and a man takes off his mask. “Hey,” I say, and point at him. I have had a lot of wine. “You were my teacher.” “Your teacher?” he asks, and I say, “No, I had the other […]

Lifetime Warranty (Sophie Nunberg)

I’m forty, mom still foots the bill for my therapy, she stopped objecting years ago; under For, she prints, You Break It, You Buy It. *** Sophie Nunberg is a fog-baby, a recovering MFA, living in Brooklyn, NY.  *** image: Andrea Damic lives in Sydney, Australia. She has been published in 50-Word Stories and Friday […]

Gopher Holes (Cole Martin)

Danny was out in the yard digging holes again. He dug about a hundred of them over the summer. One time I asked him why it was he was digging. He said you know why gophers dig holes? I said no and he said me neither. I suppose he was trying to find out why […]

Babysitting (Elaine Cary)

The baby threw up on its sock so I took the sock off its foot, looked around, flipped the sock inside out, and slid it back onto the baby’s foot. *** Elaine Cary hasn’t babysat in a while. She tweets @angsty_witch. *** image: “Yellow Sneakers”: Andrea Damic lives in Sydney, Australia. She has been published […]

AIRBNB (MOBILE) – (Sean Ennis)

There’s a haunted parking lot where people go to end their lives, and I’ve been to that Walmart. I made a joke to Grace and didn’t even get a chuckle. There’s something on the bottom of my foot that will need to be looked at, after I ignore it for a few weeks. Looked at […]

Little Rubber (Courtenay S. Gray)

I’m in my bedroom, looking over at the sun-kissed bookshelf where my red balloon hovers with its plump form. Its skin is stretching out, on the verge of exploding, but it tends to do that. It behaves similar to the tide in that it breathes in and out. When you think one extreme is bound […]

Monday, 4:17 pm (Emma Tessler)

The pharmacist is no longer offering medication. Not in capsule, tablet, or liquid form. Instead she is handing out bindles. You know, bindles? Those long sticks that hobos carry over their shoulders? With the little kerchief tied at the end? That’s what the pharmacist is doling out these days. It doesn’t matter that people come […]

Autotrophic Animals (Maria Robinson)

After we watched The Lobster for the umpteenth time, S asks me what animal I would choose be. an owl, I say. a tree. We’re texting, so I’m tap-saying, not mouth-saying. S says I have to differentiate when I’m recounting events. Says it’s different to type it than to say it out loud. I disagree […]

Where She Isn’t (K.A. Honeywell)

The phone number doesn’t belong to her anymore, but I think about calling it. I think about a stranger’s voice asking what I want, and I can pretend she’s having an affair. I can pretend her lover has answered her phone even though my face is on the screen because he’s unapologetic and that’s why […]

Egg Salad on White (Alan ten-Hoeve)

I ate a lot of egg salad sandwiches in grade school. Mom packed them for lunch several times a week. Always on white bread. Prepared the night before. So the mornings would be less hectic. I hated egg salad. It was a texture thing.  And a taste thing. Also a smell thing. The sulfuric scent […]

Swisher Sweets (Todd Clay Stuart)

We were thin bars of steel, my brother and I—untempered, untamed, unplanned. Our father was an acetylene torch. Tommy could tell when the shit was about to go down. He could hear the hiss and pop of Dad igniting outside our bedroom door. We had lied about our grades or stolen ten bucks from his […]

How much sap can a pine tree make, how can i make it stop (Jessica Dawn)

The gray-haired man in the video says he uses eastern white pines because they’re the best for building cabins. I search eastern white pine and look at the pictures. I keep parking under a tree that drips sap all over my car and I’m pretty sure it’s some kind of pine, it could be this kind of […]

Window Teeth (Steve Gergley)

On Tuesday morning I go to the dentist. After examining my teeth, the dentist tells me I have four cavities. She tells me I need to floss more. She tells me my flossing is inefficient. She tells me to use the string instead of the picks. I hate the string, but I don’t tell her […]

Rearview (Aurora Huiza)

At the sleepover, the girls smear toothpaste on my face. I don’t cry, they think I’m asleep. In the dark the cardboard cut-out guy in the corner looks real. Sometimes, my dad takes me to Six Flags. He says I can’t chicken out if he pays. I always want to ride the big one until […]


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