parsing the body (Catherine Weiss)

anecdote: a surgeon refuses to operate because i am too fat. advice: speak up in the moment. fact: a pot of water takes a couple of minutes to boil. truth: perched on a table in a paper gown, i agree with anybody wearing clothes. question: do you ever ruminate on a concluded interaction? capitulation: maybe […]

Giant Eagle (Lauren Kardos)

Say it. Now say it again with a marble held between your beaver teeth, lips peeled back and tongue marshmallowed toward uvula. Repeat the first part with the intention of speaking French, clicking the T a sure sign you’re not of these woods. The second part rhymes with wiggle, but imagine the letter I is […]

The Emperor of Weeping (Todd Dillard)

Every night teacup elephants  emerge from my mother’s grave.  I love their dopey gait, that sway like paper boats lumbering downriver.  The rapping of their feet like china  trembling at passing trains.  One by one I pick them up and smash them on the ground.  My plan is to gather the pieces  and build a […]

Speaker (Kerry Trautman)

1.Wait. She hasn’t finished. And when you shift in your seats  or tap your feet mine want to stomp them still.  Not everyone’s a poet of course,  the way not everyone tastes the soup-of-the-day at the café  and wishes for less oregano.  Three more stanzas, then you’re free  to slip into coatsleeves, turn phones back […]

Art (Glenn Ingersoll)

I was going to say No but I said Art! I don’t know why. It was in answer to a yes-or-no question. Did we pay our taxes on time last year? or, Are we out of lightbulbs? Art! Do you like peas? It depends on the Art. Do you feel better today? I feel Art. […]

2 Poems (Emily Alexander)

Ranch Vacation in Grandview, Idaho All the cows here are certain I’ve wasted my life. Among the tumbleweed and irrigation machines I stake my momentary claim on these rented square feet. I admit I was unimpressed by the pictographs near the river, a couple dim squiggles I squinted at in sunglasses, preoccupied by the distant […]

I Have an Idea (David Wojciechowski)

Did you get the message I painted on your garage door? Your lawn’s looking a bit long. We have robot vacuums now; where are the robot lawnmowers? Or did we acknowledge the risk of robotic blades on wheels? We go to the robot fields and pick a few of the ripest ones. We don’t bother […]

So Good, I Have to Write It Down (Keko Prijatelj)

Suddenly I’m in a good mood Why what happened It’s dawn My darling wakes up and says she dreamt of an earthquake And that I’m scaring her I’m happy What was it I was reading, but nothing good I was listening to music, and the songs were great But I’ve heard them all before And […]

All Apologies (Matt Schultz)

The last time we broke the rules was in 1993. It was a Tuesday in September and  In Utero had just hit the shelves. So, instead of pulling into the high school  parking lot, I double-clutched and shifted  into fourth gear, pushing the pedal  into the floor as soon as the red hood  of my […]

2 Poems (Brad Liening)

ONE OF US IS THE KILLER But all of us are covered in blood.  We get trapped in basements and attics. We get trapped in boiler rooms and snow drifts  and barns and parking structures and relationships and ditches and debts and memories and jobs. This becomes our lives. We get kind of okay with […]

2 Poems (Ben Kline)

Some of My Poems are about you. The sonnets, mostly. More lines than that, too costly to keep me organized and exorcise violence rhyming with -ick. Erotic was my editor’s feedback, proof  he overlooked how you felt aloof in my tiered sentences doubling  back to the bar after troubling me for a ride, finding two […]

The Ghost Forest (Jared Beloff)

river birches are peeling, the silvered sides of their leaves speak  privately in the grove. a lake’s surface  sits still, as tense as an open palm.  the cedars stand thin, broken and bare,  arms raised, twisting like antlers, their sap traded for salt. a mockingbird  listens for a song, offers none.  it is here we […]

2 poems (Benjamin Niespodziany)

Zero Restraint I ate the constraint. It tasted beige. It tasted ancient. I hated the facelift on the horse. I hated making statements. I aged. I wagered against myself. I melted a book and drew what I saw. I ate my drawing and knew I’d turn star. I ate and I ate and my constraint […]

to Mountains, I say (Edmund Sandoval)

From my perch on the great rock, I ask myself this: What mountains have crawled across these mountains. There’s a man running down the empty road. The big dust road. Drunk in his pursuit. His legs the color of the road. His eyes the red of the dust of the time-pulverized rock that is the […]

2 Poems (Amorak Huey)

The Moon Can Go to Hell I have no time for your cold-ass beauty, moon, your stupid air of chill and mystery, your power to slosh the oceans side to side like the beer that’s one too many at the dwindling of the block party skateboarding around the rim of a plastic cup in the […]

and I have to tell you about the lily (W.A. Hawkins)

on the stand next to my desk. do not listen to it. it is being dramatic. it was a gift  meant to bring peace but has only brought care and concern and for that I am grateful. *** W.A. Hawkins is a writer from South Louisiana. You can find his work in The Guardian, Scalawag […]

extraction (Arden Fitzroy)

How people keep company: some cradle, others seize, most never notice. I am a thief of my own past. There is an older woman I see almost every day. Her face is a lonely map to home where she sits alone with her life’s work. Somewhere is a child too busy for her calls, forgetting […]

2 Poems (Shane kowalski)

The Hypnotist A wild cheetah is running through our neighborhoods. We can’t set the cheetah on fire. Who said we wanted to? It’s like we keep waking up with new, unexplained wants every morning. I’ve been fighting this hypnotism for years. The best way is to not know the language. Resist. The doctor shouts all […]

2 poems (Logan Roberts)

Phoenix Need you like fire needs air in order to destroy everything in its obsession like floating 36 inches off the floor and having nowhere to lay your head as it drops another anchor into the fire to slow down the smoldering yet the smoldering just burns hotter more jagged more air into the head […]

Adderall (Lauren Theresa)

She took my temperature and weight, asking me why I’m here as if I knew the reason, and though I should have scripted this I told her about my dishes and laundry and the little girl who was always last to leave the room, the big hugs my daughter needs and the seam on my […]


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