Lizard Man (Marvin Shackelford)

            against Alex Jones Suppose they crawled from the sea and learned to breatheand found the charm of walking upright,turned their hearts heavenward but instead of Godfound only space, empty majesty.Suppose they took their stone tools of warstraight into the sun and found themselvesnatural astronauts and explorers.Perhaps they on boats built of rotting caneand mud […]

HONK VS. BONK (Barracuda Guarisco)

Maybe Mondays would be better if we slept together / Not you and I, the day itself: Monday / to get intimate with Monday / But, no, not depraved / Just me and Monday under the cover of blue light, treating each other to each other like we do to snacks on snacks / Without any pressure […]

Seance (Martins Deep)

Sleeping & waking all these years in the larva of butterflies, Papa, i’ve grown tastebuds on my feet. i unbuckle my sandals, to let my feet taste of this soil, your longing for home — something sweeter than the nectar      of this hibiscus in full bloom. a bed too far for birdsong to […]

Tide (Tom Will)

A girl has pierced eyelashes the piercings are very small and look very much like extensions of the lashes because the metal is so dark when woven so lightly A girl has pierced eyes the metal ring is very small and goes through each pupil like the faint rings of a distant planet A girl […]

But these things can not be done (Dan Pounds)

Googletranslatepoem001 Just precisely what happened after that has been the most impossible thing to disinter. [translate this line into Finnish then translate the Finnish back into English] It is just after it came to pass has been the most impossible thing may the light of day. [translate this line into Finnish then translate the Finnish […]

Fever Dream (Elizabeth R. McClellan)

after @notaleptic dreaming of the limitwhere reason transformsinto madness, undoneby the light of its true face corpselight, st. Elmo’s firelit by the souls of the drownedtrapped within, staring withsockets full of squirming deep sea things that still perceive.there is a last moment beforethe mind rebels, kicks offthe traces, flees in terror. It lasts an endless […]

On the Breakdown of Societal Order and Its Inevitable Consequences (Natalie Terezi Rei Watts)

Ω∞╧:Ω÷╩y£Ü¢τ√÷⌡≥├√`╬£yy£ÜÇÑâ√sμLìÄ2z▀■╜qo╖=CK└£₧7╣ko[┤hQ[░`A╢ %./√≈∩O^╟╟╟█n∙≤≤Z2Ä.ì√┌n9sâ▓Ç╣¥╢α:╦φ.9εï#\┼.(joF1⁄4∞¥╪¥m┴/à&▓ì¿Üx&’;¥≥ {╗ <Σ.╝joj─.ê1⁄4ä╣╙.┼}4Å«.╦.2«â╛─.i.UaΣ_σg.≈ε▌;]╢≥åÉm.≥çτΣó■▄∙¥7e1⁄2=tIôôôy.Σߣ£ö█╜ ëê╬╡Γûî;]ΓòóΓëÑ├Ñ├ëm.ΓëÑ├o╧ä╬ú├│ΓûáΓûäΓêÖ┬Ñ7e┬╜=tI├┤├┤├┤y.╬ú├ƒ┬ú┬ú├╢ΓûêΓ ò£{w╬⌐┬íp..Γö╝├»|Γîí╬┤Γò¥├äΓö£├▒,ΓêÖwΓûê┬Ñ├¡.Γòò.z.’8╬▒|├│ΓòÖW4*├àNu├ƒ┬╝| 0┬óΓòóΓîÉΓûæ├û=aCΓêÜ┬¬Γö1⁄4┬1⁄2Γö1⁄4^ΓûôNΓûä.ΓòÑ »x+Σô╦.%=.ç.╟╚¢hD0┤acα…äo3╜δ∞·w.╖⌠╩.#.zBXAÜ╧WT)├μ┐╣.Ci-.àa╛▒.[ μ/.&1⁄2╕≥…. \┼Ç┬_┼φ.Γ¬<V╦3c»Y:│X⌐7.@╬ΣΦ!*Ω]╝╪ε╪φG╬*╬╟∞▒▓▀▒≈n╓c÷°;ƒ▓/(t.╠YÖ.å2k.##Ω¬tf╚c¿.cå║ô√4- ù⌡2Ñφ.╙.■¿ΘfΘ╜.E∙N╙X6.≥╜V2╗┤ßdl╙vΦ.n╠╧<c╜┐▐▓w▐{╔Fj █”A╕Ñb@Φ.>7.≥æI2⌠ëJ≡.╬1o)αb╡Ä⌡î2alûA┘Gâ(:z≈bEp.ñxπ⌡Fö≤a▓■ü¡~ \iHÿ│¬.Tè├D.ßèy┐.Ñ╙.e.âπ-%╔.áw╩8┤.*ε3.∙╨4├@ó(╠1- <s.▀oπX.á7Jg.╨╠∙U╞▌.]δQ╬úÆMoçDx.â)P$w>OL■¿L2gR”⌠V)░RO.?._7\y▌q┼└è╧δWÄzÿà┬╨ ║▐.o4(1εC5▀7Φσ.c├╡Ñk.σ”oX-÷?ï═.╩M @…─.ƒ⌠Å√⌐nf.╞¬.╖φ.╧^▒╬ò╢▌s .k.Y│c⌡è└({╩ì=▀.╩ 1n·╜1⁄4α °Å ■*OF<8Zà8.ΩΘoí╗p╓╗£≡G`O▌╚$ì.P▐ñáOî╪⌐].#.h6·╒4√ïÄ.k.═╛D∩.¬≈┘l╔ò.⌠å&|∙.┼┼..£3Eh¬¥X≤Φ;.Uqòε≈>óI¢Cs=│╢î∩p╓¬9k£¡┌╞}_c..S;}▒` ⌠▌?b╖╡’VSπ?≡ΩSv√K ▓5 ÷O█├┬√⌡?·╒6·╨╠■╖Ånáì.o┌┘÷╚*¿’⌡ga₧Θß╘.αPY°ƒo┐è.¬Æ7ä┌RNå¬@<.6t≈╤. h.Φ.█).╓Γ.ß.[r∩δ∞ñ∙êëÆd╩É.].R/±╔l”\X█IZΦ╔ÜB.cx.#ö|FqS₧R+±(2ÜH.GÖa1⁄4~. ┘Ñab/{δ─▐≤╚U√▌ƒ₧╪..:aw{┘É╜hô≈!¿\ñï╔á╩q.1⁄2Ö=yg}{Å2ÿ╜▄~╪^Æ)╪_Ü╜╦~)s╞■Ω⌠.∞TfäÑ ñ.F┐ÿ▒δΩX~VrÑΦ? .E7däJW.ê∞~uEΣ].τì⌠₧6╚tw4hL₧▄* Ω∞█ if you think this is the bad ending then you really are a coward. *** Natalie Terezi Rei Watts is a plural nb transfem experimental artist and […]

Bone Orchard (Lucy Zhou)

in the bone orchard, wemine for apple cores: a crackedgolden molar for me; a hip with meatstill hanging on by a pink thread; wishbones.it’s not all bad digging through the fieldsof our lovers, parents, friends, hated coworkerswho have died mining before us: hot ozonedeath, viral vectors, insanity; we pick their bones clean.you see bones take […]

SCORPIO (S. T. Brant)

a Zodiac acrostic I never wed black widowsWithout an explanationFor consuming their previous lover;and if I forgive their past,Shame on me. But after my devouring,I’ll reincarnateInto a body damned to incinerateFrom the frag grenade blasts of an endless war, whose                  Spiders                  Carry                  Off                  Reposing                  People                  In                  OrderTo complete their Armageddon sized and indestructible web.Detached, indifferent, the […]

Propitiation (Kevin Danahy)

You knew where you were going, now you’re lost–all cobwebbed by an angry crossroads god,tangled in puzzle-knots of cloverleafsand labyrinths of ramps and overpasses:the Hobson’s choice of left-turn-only laneswhich lead to parking lots of restaurant chains. Go find the highway writhing like the spacebetween a dying martyr and his cross.Go tune your teeth to frequencies […]

Wall Street, 2012 (Stephanie Yue Duhem)

After Hannah Sullivan Headline: Asian Women Outearn White MenAnd you think again of summer on Wall Street.Raddled twenty-somethings tanned from weekends Up the LIRR, mouths corked hardBefore three monitors, older doppelgangersAt their shoulders—Al Pacino, Keanu Reeves. You are one receptionist of four, a tempTapping a pen, chewing a pen cap, refreshingJezebel next to someone rapping […]

do u believe in angels? (Madeline Augusta Turner)

*** Madeline Augusta Turner lives in Northampton, Massachusetts and writes in search of home and fruit blossoms. A student of anthropology and soil at Smith College,  her writing is shaped by her ever-growing community and her life on a farm at the intersection of industrial decay and endless cornfields. You can find her on Instagram […]

Hey, Stranger. How’s it going? (Megan Cannella)

If I describe you long enough, you disappear. I wonder what you ate after we broke up If you are making vegetablesin your instapot, you can go straight to hell. I wonder if you thought of me so muchthat I started to get fuzzy in you mind’s eye Have you washed my memory so muchThat […]

I Once Drank Bottomless Rootbeer Floats In A Ruby Tuesday’s Until I Threw Up In The Bathroom Stall (Timmy Sutton)

I smuggle the small joys of the worldmouth full and swearing—I knowI’ve gotten more than I deservemost of the time—I manageto mostly hide—The evidenceall around me shouting—I’m so goodI sometimes even forget myselfdisguised pitiable—The worldendless and unforgiving—I’m given upby the goosebumps from glancing atyour hands—proof of everything *** Timmy Sutton is a person who writes, […]

Two Poems (Alex)

Mourning in FloridaI watch the tabebuias wave yellow apronsas they dance around the lake.Today my grandmother became an ocean.She is now the pull of the tide along the Maryland shore. Women like her fill at least the Atlantic Basin if not the Pacific too and, somehow, she is now even the saltwater intrusion seeping into the lake I am now […]

Saccharimetry (Kara Knickerbocker)

Say I became lost once, always within my body,the flight of a thousand broken cells.Say we kept pulling back the reasons, how the window seats stayed open for you,say there was something sweetI could still fix my teeth into. Say I find my way back into sugar & breathafter crossing lines through the skies & […]

the turkey vultures in my dreams are so big (sterling-elizabeth arcadia)

cw: animal death and dismemberment supernaturally huge & they keep bringing me gifts (though i ask them not to) things like flying snake tails sugarglider legs owl feet mangled mice& the stinky tails of skunks ive even known them to find whole rabbit hides or from time to timemostly intact copies of lizzie borden novels […]


Yes I’m still here in Peoria fuckingArizona. Yes I’m stilltired of all the happy streets and feelingso unhappy within them; Lake Pleasant, HappyValley. Deer Valley even sounds endearing, dear, anddon’t you just fucking hate that? I never wanted to beheld like that. I want to be heldin the firefly exhibit in Downtown Phoenix in the […]


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