Feverish, Candy Jones Sees the Truth of Things (Jenn Koiter)

They are all fish and give out varying degrees of fishiness. But the plain truth is, they look pretty silly with bosoms. Frequently they lock themselves out of their rooms and even forget their room numbers. They scream and shout, throw things and roll on the floor kicking their heels. They pretend that they are […]

Reason’s Language (Ilari Pass)

I want to leave my metaphors, my wounds.  Enough of lamentations, open the window  let the abstract sing. My eyes close in trust falling in love would be a nice scene  in this movie, let it play into my memory play for me the real twilight. *** Ilari Pass holds a BA in English from […]

what is the love of your life (Danielle Chelosky)

excerpt from Or Whatever I hang out w/ Tim on a hungover afternoon and we spin a Joy Division record and he tells me about accidentally bleaching his shirt: “but that’s what happens when you get high and do laundry,” he says and everyone who comes in knows to yell over the loud sad droning, […]

Lies (Nonah Cagney Palmer)

There lies at the crossroad a rough brick tall roof structure. Their lies set it up, this apostolic apogee, spiderweb glass slammed against! Therein lies the problem, right? How can we fault these freshly grown women, tall as trees? There lies beside this building signs and sigils, blond highlights screaming murder murder! Their lies echo […]

elegy for betta fish (Noreen Ocampo)

I gave you Corinthian columns & a quilt of stars, fresh water & a room with a view, freeze-dried bloodworms  & a miniature banana leaf above a bed of rocks from Jupiter’s  most volcanic moon,  yet you laid on that leaf, aching for a plastic cup with a punctured lid,  refusing to puff your chest […]

Undomesticated (Zoe Contros Kearl)

Drop to your knees— this is not about God it is about hedonism and sunshine, the little nets around lemon halves meant to squeeze on oysters, kissing a stripper named Britney in your boyfriend’s bathroom, it is about mouth-kick-dumb youth, all forms of idolatrous want, Sachertorte, champagne, and coffee in a formal dining room, how […]

2 Poems (J.I. Kleinberg)

The new math How differently things might have gone if there had been two blind mice, five bears, seven little pigs. If there were three commandments would we have done any better? And if you could count to eight on one hand, or if it took a dirty dozen days to create a week, might […]

After an Inauguration (J.D. Smith)

Should I compare this to a summer’s day? Not this time of year, in this hemisphere. Instead, to the old vaudeville line. The man, asked why he kept hitting himself with a hammer, said It feels so good when I stop.  Except someone else was doing the hitting and could have stopped long ago. This […]

Parenthood (Graham Clifford)

I’m having a baby man, despite being a man myself. Let me out, let me out! the bald baby man shouts, impertinent and impatient. He is definitely a Gemini and it is written he must fail his wife and children.  I carry on with my life as increasingly more of him hangs out of me. […]

self-deprecation (Chana G. Miller)

I write a little thing: I read it. It is garbage. Filth. I sell myself to the publishers: “This piece really portrays the way I see myself.” Publisher: this is terrible. Me: looks at camera* “I know.” *** Chana G. Miller grew up in Fairbanks, Alaska, but now lives in Ireland. While she dabbles with […]

Routine (James Lindley)

once I watched a tea ceremony the careful arrangements the long-handled cup the glazed porcelain and bright cloth and I think about my own ritual every morning the stagger from my bedroom the scrubbing of the pour over still dirty from yesterday’s coffee with the old sponge by the sink that I should just throw […]


The end of the world is a city full of a shipful of rats with their  fur full of ash full of the wonderful  thing that happened when I was  uncareful when I stayed out too late and too full of you.  *** Meghan Kemp-Gee writes poetry, comics, and scripts in Los Angeles CA and […]

Hey you little pencil slut (Lizette Roman-Johnston)

*** Lizette Roman-Johnston is about to earn her MFA in creative nonfiction from Saint Mary’s College of California. She resides in Berkeley, CA with her cat Stompy. Lizette has been published in the Sad Girl Review, the Daily Drunk Magazine, and the Oakland Arts Review. You can follow her on Twitter @zettercakes. *** image: Lindsay […]

A little light larceny (Sidney Dritz)

I’ve been talking to her all morning,the dead woman,wandering back and forth across soft-edged pages,stretched beneath the slowlyshifting patch of sun, and I read a line wrong,so now it’s my line, andI’ll never tell you what it is; not writtenby her hand but writtenin a stray thread of thought which moved across the written linejust […]

2 poems (Jon berger)

If I had a mech suit I’d pilot it wearing flipflops and athleisure Our reptilian overlords wouldn’t stand a chance I’ll destroy goblin hordes in ancient tunnels underground If I had a mech suit I’d steal ramen noodles and uncle ben’s rice from the dollar store. On my way out I’d punch a hole in […]

6 Poems / Golden Girls Special (Michael Tager)

Something Golden There’s a housein the swamplandwhere the girls–ohthe girls!–they give praiseto one another, to time,to the sun The world didn’t forget therethe girls–oh the girls–celebrated small adventuressmall lovesmassive heartsfree, from it all The girls of goldmother and daughter andsisters-not-by-bloodWe give thanksto the girls–oh the girls–for being friendsagain, backand downthe road Rose Girl, when youwere goldenyou smelled so […]

More Bad News to Share (Nate Hoil)

Bad news, buddy.Bad News Buddy just showed upwith more bad news to share. Your love found out about God’s planand wanted a word with him.One prayer later, POOF!Your love is confetti. God doesn’t care what happens to the characters.God fixes endangered species with screwdrivers. Your love took a bite out of the wrongcan of pepper […]

ohhh (zac smith)

I was thinking of sleeping in the yard so I was chipping away at the ice with this little garden hoe. I got into that groove of associating thoughts with actions. I’d chip away at the ice and think about emailing Nathaniel Duggan, for example. Every day, more or less, I was chipping ice and […]

Antichrist (Stuart)

willem dafoemethod actorthrows his son from a hotel roofat the oscarsstanding ovation *** Good poet. Handsome. Been writing long time. Has dogs.

Today’s Lawnmower Man (Tyler Engström)

I was mowing the lawn, thinking of the smell of grass and wondering what it might be like if every few months someone took a blade to the top of the world. I heard the screech of tires and a thud and looked over to see the neighbour’s dog dead on the road. The driver […]


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