A Benediction (Arah McManamna)

One Halloween, my brother donned a bathrobe and a flowing brown wig. And everywhere he went there were drunk howls of,“Jesus!” “Hey Jesus!!”Accompanied by booze-blazed smiles and high fives crisp as leaves.He didn’t have the heart to correct them.To say, “I’m the Dude. You know, Lebowski” Instead he raised his handand knocked his beer can […]

Mk II (Evan Nicholls)

‘Missy Hood’, A Good Watchdog, d. 2001 For so long, I have not been able to sleep. A while back, I had run a chainsaw through the cross and tossed it onto the burnpile. Then three days ago, I telephoned the game warden about this phantom dog: ‘The whole farm’s gone blewy.’ The warden said […]

Where Art (Not Sex) Goes to Die! (Sara Potocsny)

art gallery orgy just hear me out. I am thunder cracking, but so what?The only other options were “roar of 100,000 Nets fans” or “first grader’s boots scratching at the school bus floor.”You got “lemon juiced by Rottweiler jaw,” but that’s only because your mother was beautiful.  This is definitely a strike while it’s hot situation.Today is the first […]

The Ghost of a Gin and Tonic (Katie Holtmeyer)

started underneath the elusive glow of the soleflickering streetlight we’d beencatcalled and cornered and caught outsideso maybe we were looking for a little fight counted by liquor-soaked limes instead of by loregave our order as soon as we arrived butwe aren’t allowed coasters at this bar anymore we both lift up and destroyeverything we touch […]

Tahina spectabilis (Dan Pounds)

It is tempting to freight the Madagascan suicide palm with a human narrativeto anthropobloodymorphosise because it is hapaxanthic: which means that after approx. 50 years it flowers & sets seed just once in one enormous flowering event before the plant dies… but I will side-step that poetic compulsion & ask you to Google Tahina spectabilis […]

But Not Forgotten (Eli Evans)

The slab of stone into which the name of the man in whose memory the elm trees were originally planted remains, but all of the elm trees have been cut down due to infection by Dutch elm disease or elm phloem necrosis, as well as for other reasons. At one time, the stone had been […]

Sinner (Paige Becker)

I grew up surrounded by Roman Catholics the way tomatoes grow up surrounded by cagesAnd when I heard the word “sinner” it was a story about humanity,a vine finding a trellis,the way we all move in the wrong ways and towards the wrong thingsAnd sometimes even get it right.A story about all the things we […]

Trust me: you don’t want a castle. (Michael Bernstein)

1. Trust me: you don’t want a castle.The worst kinds of people live in castles,survivors encased in sweating stone. Instead, tear a hole in the street.Locate a bunched up, wrinkled cabin.Smooth it out on the ground.Climb inside and fall asleep.Make a fire and smother yourself in conflicted sleep. Wake up: you’re bunched and wrinkled.Rekindle the […]

To Vardaman, my son (Anatomy of a riverfish) [Dylan Evers]

Mouth: If I am a fish then you are part delta, one of many mouths. Silt, salt, muscle memory—carry my virtues, loose change & bitter pills. Corpse: Fish, like mothers, are finite—it’s the river that keeps going. I was dying before you knew me. Blood: If I am a fish (which I am) the strands […]


every time I get a new job I case the place I’ll rob it in fiction for a small amount of money because that would be so funny and I’ll do it for a not so funny reason because that would be brilliant like an academy award movie starring a sitcom actor I’ll have to […]

Two Poems (Jenna Jaco)

OOTD(FRWAOC) There are three outfits I own in which I can easily imagineFlirting Respectfully With AOC, and this is one of them. I will not describe these outfits to preserve the veil of the unknownand also so you don’t copy me. This one, though, invokes a chance encounter at a museum, or maybe a book signing […]

Dream Poems (Temi George)

Dream Poem no. 7 your legs on my bedare a color you talk Californiaso well somewhere flies fuck and flutter thank you for being here Dream Poem No. 8 – 9 Matt Rohrer informs the youth that Columbia’s MFA program is for squaresI believe itevery girl here is either having sexwith me or about toremind […]

Two Poems (M.C. Smith)

I Saw Your Body in a Bar 1219 miles from home, / 1669 miles /from where you’re supposed to be. Your mouth moved the same. / Your hands / the same. / Your fingers on your mustache / the same / though now it was fuller than it ever was /when you still let me […]

Prehistoric Man On The Crapper (Kristin Garth)

“Prehistoric man sitting on the crapperenvious of your wife’s achievements.” Dorothy, Servant  Husband observes from a porcelain thronethe way wife plays her wet body as if she is alone in a brownstone they own,while a strange girl for pay comes to stay with some doll designed to make it okay thattheir son is dead (truth no one can say). He sips […]

when you encounter the devil (Sofia Fey)

after Aimee Nezhukamatathil “As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live.” ― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Faust, First Part when you encounter the devil, when you survive it;you have to let it die somewhere in you it will rot things may growwrong things may grow, too, if you water them things […]

On a particularly bad night, I sang karaoke (Selena Cotte)

at the SpongeBob pop-up barwith a group I called my best friends:Irony poisoning in full effector my misplaced sense of doom—something or otheryou’d detect in a blood draw I swallowed a marijuana edibleI drank a cartoon-inspired cocktailI ordered a dark lager & passed it offto some guy who’d drink anythingfor the memory loss I’m never […]

Two Poems (Lindsey Heatherly)

Vegas, Baby You never once took me on any business trips,but you took her to Vegas when you started dating.I wonder if she watched HGTV in the hotel roomand ordered eggs, over-easy, from the in-house restaurantwhile you had pissing contests with middle-aged menin leather office chairs. Maybe she went to the poolfor a swim or took […]

He didn’t wish anyone well (JR Walsh)

The boy was born without wishesnot ambitionhe had plenty of thatjust wishes& it didn’t matter for years Then the time came when the boy needed themhe needed the wishesyou seehis parents were on the wrong side of an issuesomething involving curfews or portion sizeit didn’t matter whichbut what mattered washow much it mattered at the […]

Come Quick, Some News Is Breaking (Jeffrey Hermann)

I was texting you from the other room, little sentences on life, when your idea of wildness gave me an idea for a new approach to drowning. I built it in the garage. I took it to the beach and waited. A man there introduced me to a woman expert at feeling for imperfections in the […]


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