3 Poems (Logan Roberts)

Blood We live in a world where everyone plays a saxophone the size of a redwood. I drive my car through your saxophone. Your breath sends hail. I see a plate of broken spines. A traveler with no shoes wanders by and shows me their dying bible. Their bible has no sacred text, it’s just […]

Every Breath You Take (Catherine spino)

I want to be your skin, climb inside you and hold you up like your bones, make you tick make you work Like your organs, what I would give to be your large intestine, what I would give to hold your shit, I want to nestle into your ribcage and Look out at the world […]

Creep (HLR)

Deliberately or unconsciously, we sought each otherout in a crowded pub on a freezing Wednesday night.I thought you were alright-looking, fine, probablyjust another creep. As I wrote line after line, frenzied,only stopping to guzzle beer or sniff a bump off a key,I felt your eyes on me – a fly to fucking honey. xYou were […]

A Slow Song (Belle Gearhart)

Dad called me on my broken cell phone and told me you were on the streets. I was in a bedroom in Leffert’s Gardens, burning.I listened to a slow song on a loud train, went to a noise show, only saw your baby facewalking up and down the avenue, hungry and strung out. I watched […]

6×6 (Mackenzie Moore)

The funny thing about dating a musicianis that when you break upthey’ll write angry songs about youand you’ll only find out once they’re recordedand mixed and sitting on a drive somewhere readyto go into the ether that is low royalty streaming The funny thing about dating a writeris that when you break upshe’ll write a […]

The black dog and his man. (Annie Cowell)

By day he is a smudge on the pavementoutside M and S. This black, three legged dog sharesa space with the homeless man who leans againstthe wall. always a gap between them, the dog,with gnarled joints and filthy furrefuses the blanket the man lays out for him.Prefers, it seems, to own the slab.At dusk the […]

2 poems (Goldie Peacock)

TBBD The year is 2022. People wear identities like double-spiked armor, cuts both ways. COVID germs look like tiny Bumble Balls, remember those? A 90s toy, a ball with blunted spikes, motor vibrating its bounce chaotic. I once saw a professional juggler contend with one, an audience-given challenge. It threw him off his axis, spiky […]

The Devil and Grandma. (Gwil James Thomas)

I can still hear my Grandma’s voice on those nights that I’d stay at her place as a child. The room would slowly fill with Chopin, Beethoven, her cigarette smoke and empty wine bottles – as we’d huddle around the gas heater and she’d tell me about growing up in Wales,before wrenching her Salem painting from the wall – showing me the devil depicted […]

Even Stevens (Aaron David Gutierrez)

Shia LeBeouf came into my bookstore one afternoon. He purchased a cheap version of a Nietzsche book. It was probably only  like $6 or something. He pulled a folded $20 out of his side pocket placed it on the counter then bailed immediately. Didn’t even take his change. We all had a laugh about it. […]

Here is the body (Winna Pham)

Here is the body of my favorite lifeless corpse. I love that when I stroke her face, I almost touch something that is between an existence and the past. Here is the edge of the world, and I am at is precipice. There are the places that I hoped to be. A gnarly jumble of […]

2 poems (Mara Beneway)

I PAID A FORTUNE TELLER IN WEATHER  to tell me what my last words will be. I paid her in sunshower and she said bewilder me, which, according to my mother, were also my first words. You have no way of knowing. Consider me bewildered by the way rain draws a line around itself. I […]

MY NEW COLOGNE (Bella Lincoln)

I bought some new cologne  Some boujie chique cologne It’s not that cheap cologne That sexy creep cologne That lather your tits and perfume your shits cologne It’s that fancy stuff, that silver-spoon stuff That rose-flavored, prose-flavored nightmare stuff It’s those empty sheets on Summer streets Call again soon and then back on your feet […]

KATE (Brooke Mackenzie)

There’s a hole in me the shape of your laugh and when the moon’s a certain size it aches. The hole is the colour burnt ochre which can either be dust or dawn. I’ve stuffed it with lilacs, candy wrappers, spit, coloured glass, trinkets that keep me good and full  until someone says your name. […]

11th Hour (Nikoline Kaiser)

 Dearly beloved we are gathered here today in honor and remembrance of a most beloved figure an author of unknown renown  taken from us too soon when the 11th rejection of her magnum opus finally killed her blame her not  11, you might think a number light, all things considered many an aspiring artist have […]

The People’s Season (Alix Perry)

And spring, being the people’s season, awakens on the shoulders of an abandoned liquor store. The pessimists’ mundane shame pendulums from strip mall to fenced lot, all in good time. A wedding band writes the apocalypse’s pop hook on a ukulele with three broken strings while security cries shut up. I awaken each night to […]

Petals (Kerri Seyfert)

There are two scenarios in which I question my age the first is when I get shampoo in my eyes the second is when I think of you My mind always wanders to you your name, suddenly in my notebook surrounded by flowers and hearts just so I can remember the look of those twelve […]

to be the breeze against your breath (Yasmina Jaksic)

she was so good at everything. she was the kind of person made to live. the kind of girl for which the breeze parted as not to disturb her moussed mary-kate waves. the boys she liked always liked her back, tenfold, even the ones in a higher grade. right now it is taylor, the blonde […]

Quick Chat (Mackenzie Moore)

I want to talk to you about your grief in terms that sound a little more familiar than someone’s misinterpretation of a 5 step process, because: that shit isn’t going to cut it when it comes to plugging a gaping hole that happens to run through your due north Think about it like: your car […]


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