Drinking buddies

How I Almost Ruined Christmas (Kay Keegan)

When my fiancé’s niece told me “You’re not even trying,” she lit my temper as easily as a matchstick at the dinner table where the leg of lamb, mashed potatoes and gravy, roasted brussels sprouts and carrots, and my future mother-in-law’s famous baked German pierogi sat before us, but I couldn’t focus on the gratitude […]

Drunk after Psych Ward 1 and Hopefully Last (Santiago Aguado)

I would like to have my woman here with me. To hold her. To feel the stubble on her legs. To bury my head in her torso— Wherever— To tell her things about myself Like who I am, and where I’ve been And how that makes me well Who I am, But the truth is […]

Unfavorable Review: A sonnet (Sydney MacDonald)

Sometimes I don’t drink at parties.  I like the energy of marinating in intoxicated crowds and perfecting my RBF. It’s much easier to appear uninterested sober– Please don’t approach me. I’ll advocate for impersonal communication. Let me send you ambiguous pictures across the bar– my sweaty forehead and the cynical bartender who puts up with […]

(Partially) Found Poem: Discarded daily Reflections (Matthew Bullen)

Black leather bound, most pages untouched,  accidentally found inside the discarded box  of a new and expensive television –  daily reflections falter over lines as dominos of rue and requirement: I have had too many tropical spritzers and am now in a mood. I consider how to cultivate moods that can only be ameliorated  by […]

Jail Juice (Jamison O’Sullivan)

“Eyes!” Meg yells, and we all freeze, shot glasses in hand. We take this very seriously, no matter where we are or how drunk we’ve gotten. Eyes, always. I don’t remember when we started it, or how I even first heard of the rule: you need to make eye contact when you cheers before a […]

A Sort of Love Poem About Getting Drunk (erin feldman)

Homemade simple syrup, always. The thick camaraderie of sloppy sharing. Gentleman Jack, always. Fresh spearmint muddled in the ice from the patch where I planted grandma’s cuttings.  Sugar high booze buzz! Bellinis by the pitcher, a behemoth ice cube going gong against the glass the warm glisten of Bushmills cooking down my central channel toasting […]

hungover on a thursday morning (Makenna Dykstra)

french fry po’ boys the morning after i sat on the cusp of falling off a third story balcony looking down on a man peeing on the neighbor’s side wall on facetime my dad tells me that kelly  –– his back neighbor –– is heading out again and he’s so glad i’m an extrovert now […]

Things To Do On Alchol (Quinn Forlini)

Start alone, taking wine in tiny sips.  Notice tinges now: a soft flush  deep in your hollowed  insides, a rush in your warm ears.  Dance ballet on the carpet.  Let go of your voice.   Visit the guy down the hall. You don’t really like him, but after you finish  each glass he asks, Another?  […]

Rough Trade (Garth Miró)

That guy looks a lot like Francis Bacon, I think, when I spot this older man sitting alone at the other end of the bar. In front of him is a folded newspaper, a pack of cigarettes, and what looks like a full baguette, but must not be a that, for only absolute psychotics would […]

The Absinthe (Alex Gurtis)

The Absinthe  unlocked the door, slipping her long legs  into the closed coffee shop.  Three o’clock and five o’clock look  awfully similar on a Saturday  during quarantine. Money is not a metaphor  for emotional stability. I kept my job by mopping sanity off the floor. She is my green toast to the only time I’ve […]

31 things I learned during 31 days of being sober (McKenzie Teter)

I don’t like it. I’m halfway kidding… So many of my interactions involved drinking for no reason. It was so much harder than I expected, and I expected it to be hard. The longest I’ve ever lasted before this was 15 days  But that was in June, which admittedly was a bad month to pick.  […]

Puking, 1988 (Anna B. Moore)

Your high school friend Marla has agreed to drive you back to your freshman dorm in your mother’s car, a Chevrolet Sprint with a pale interior and a quiet engine. The drive from Iowa City to Galesburg is two hours through brown and withered cornfields. It is November. You stand over your unmade bed and […]

Thank you for your contribution to the business (Damien Posterino)

Knifed in the back.  Whisky again.  Back on all fours fossicking for the clues you missed. Only a fool  listens to a laughing crowd with their white lies. Stripped naked like a prisoner cover yourself with storm clouds, holding your empty card  signed by all.    *** Damien Posterino (he/him) is a Melbourne-born London-based poet writing […]

Sunset Girl (Ali Riegel)

I met a girl at Sunday karaoke and started lying to her. It was a little after one and the friends I arrived with had peeled off one-by-one to second locations or bed. A cold drizzle slanted against our necks, so we shouldered against a wall spattered with names, threats, dicks, initial-clotted hearts, promises of […]

The Board of Directors of Your Life (Beth Mulcahy)

Meeting of the Board of Directors of Your Life Third Year of College The Board of Directors of Your Life, d/b/a “you,” met at the regularly scheduled time in the predetermined recesses of your mind to discuss the status of Your Life and all relevant pending issues related thereto.  Directors Present: God, Board Chair Roommate, […]

It’s Closing Time (Koty Neelis)

we’re going to Dry Creek tonight we’re gonna two step and drink beers  on the deck in the moonlight tell Kendra tell Kevin tell Javad tell everyone to get their asses over there time is running out time is running out they got 3 dollar beers and a jukebox that plays 45s meanest sweetest old […]

This Is a Story (Roger D’Agostin)

This is a story I am not hungover.  I wake up and go to the bathroom, but before I urinate, I remove a sticky note from the mirror that reads, “Day 1 Don’t drink today.”  When I return to my bedroom, I peel off a second sticky, write, “Day 2 All you have to do […]

What’s on your mind, KB? (KB)

After Patti LaBelle’s appearance on the Tyra Banks Show The poison ivy leading to a gentrified beer garden. The inkling of dignity I feel when I don’t let a white woman patronize me. Patti had the right idea; Why did you think I would eat paper? and Why do you think less of me? are […]

Ball Sac (Dan Melling)

An old man comes into the pub, stumbling.  I say Got to take your temperature, mate and hold the thermometer gun to his head.  I pull the trigger and he shouts BANG! Jerks his heads back.  He’s too drunk, he falls into a table, knocks over a bottle of hand sanitiser.  He says Am I […]

At the College Party (Matthew Feinstein)

Girls crammed between small walls & fogged windows tilt their heads to the ceiling thinking hallelujah with a handle of Skyy vodka pressed tight to their mouths & in the next room over a girl is convulsing on the floor & people are stepping over her like she isn’t there & as more people come […]


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