Drinking buddies

Lost and found (Edward Anki)

Getting lost driving along   narrow cobblestone roads in Portugal we arrive at a dead-end what looks like a dead-end what isn’t a dead-end rather a small cement lot harboring a small supermarket where the proprietor directs me to cold beer before I ask about Port oh yes he smiles  plenty of Port! Real pride […]

A Night to Remember, Forgotten (James Callan)

One. Nothing like that first drink. When it hits your belly. That splash of fire. The ease of tension. The lift of mood. The day, hard or easy, behind you. Don’t stint on that first. Get off to a good start. Attaboy. Two. What’s good just got better. Now it’s what you’d call a buzz. […]

Shark Dive (Melissa Flores Anderson)

A breeze darted up from the water below as the sun settled down into the ocean. Bradley and I sat outside on an upstairs patio at the Waterfront. I wanted the atmosphere to be romantic, but it never quite was with him. The weather cooled more and I shivered in a sundress, the only nice […]

Girl’s Night (Brooke Mackenzie)

I’m going to have a glass—no, a bottle—of wine and watch Love Island. Nick won’t be home for hours. It’s girls’ night. I have no girls here, no boys either. I don’t even speak the language. Not that it matters. The Chinese man at the depanneur down the street is the only person I have […]

I’m Glad We Didn’t Go for Italian (Maria Poulatha)

“Let’s order Bloody Mary’s.” Claire winks mischievously. “Ok.” I was going to order one anyway, as a vegetable. Claire usually orders sparkling water at lunch with a wedge of lemon. It looks like a cocktail but it tastes like water with a doorknob dipped into it, but I don’t say this to Claire who is […]

Why is the God of this poem drunk? (Chrissy Stegman)

*** Chrissy Stegman is a wife, mother, poet, and forest nerd from Baltimore. Her work often weaves in religion, myth creation, cultural obsessions, and the intersection of grief. Her work often showcases the comfortable ambivalence of poverty and violence. She loves reading and writing poetry, the faces of strangers, finding forests, and holding her husband’s […]

idle chatter on a summer afternoon (RC deWinter)

it’s a nondescript day  in an all too describable life but i won’t bore you with all that i’m not in the mood to undress and who knows your horrors may be more spectacular  than mine let’s talk about the sound of bells during an earthquake their frenzied clanging awakening every fear you’d like to […]

Trumpet Tits (John Milas)

The story I was told after the party was that I had beaten up my friend and then thrown him out of a window. Glass showered the parking lot below as Lyle tumbled from the second floor. He survived because—as I was told—he landed upright in the passenger seat of a convertible. But I would […]

Worked (Rob Yates)

I realize that Frostis fine and that oneshouldn’t be a Kant,but I prefer Carmelitato getting blood on the tracks. A cigarette and a love poem is cliche, but half an Ambien and a bottle of whiskey washed down with year-old hashoil from a bong will write three chapters for you. A great poet shoved her head […]

Film Scene in my Head (Ledya Khamou)

I see you at the bar. It’s a fancy bar, trimmed with gold overhead lights and black surfaces. You’re wearing your white Nikes and cropped black hoodie, back hunched, repeating your habit of correcting your posture then giving up and slouching over again. You flex the reflex once, and that’s when I recognise you. I’m […]

Sometimes You Want To Go Where Nobody Knows You’re Gone (Hunter Gardner)

The most wonderful bar in the world is in Charleston, South Carolina. Cutty’s is, affectionately, a dive bar. It’s tucked squarely in the Elliotborough neighborhood, where the food and beverage industry workers somehow find landlords who take cash and charge half that of the rent-gauged college students next door. In perhaps the greatest business strategy […]

ancient olive oil jalopy (Clem Flowers)

Not a soul at this swarm of neon with soup- stain walls seems to say a word while I watch my lonesome emerald walk off into the Werewolf fog out by the gnarled railroad bridge.  High art pity parade, complete with Confetti off so many picked at beer bottle labels, weak pyrotechnics from a sea […]

What They Take (Laci Mosier)

Out here, on the stoop, my long dark hair spider webs around my neck, which is slick from the sweat of a Chicago summer. We’re in the middle of a heatwave and the temperature seems to know no upward bounds. If it were a pot of boiling water, the city would turn frothy and overflowing […]

Drumlin Spirit (Michael Coleman)

Wind, whistling seductive  whispers to barley.  Rustling, swishing whispers.  Sound slivers, tightly woven silk sliding o’er itself, a slow  undressing as, the barley faintly sings.  Stalks move, bunched to waves undulating, pulsating neath  the air’s intimate caress.  Bleached blond streaks gold gilded ochre. A glorious ormolu sea, softly  sweeping over curvaceous hips,  two fields of […]

Flâneur (Josh Sherman)

They say taking walks is good for one’s  mental health Yeah, the tonic of sun  and air is salubrious, they say So every day I force myself out, cut through the forest, take the path along the ravine I recommend evenings for walks when the sky  is sherbet, and the water  trickles delicately, like something […]

OVER and OVER (Adam Berlin)

Drinks. White Russians. Two shots Stoli (for the buzz). One shot Kahlua (for the caffeine). Milk (for the protein). I have three or four. Then vodka shots. Then I’m ready. Sometimes I eat garlic and don’t brush my teeth for a handicap. Sometimes I don’t shower for a handicap. Without a shower I smell like […]

The Pursuit of Happiness Guy (Corey Lof)

Over my year in Toronto, I met him like ten times. He always wore a suit—black, with a red tie—and the gray curls of his hair were always fighting through whatever grease he used to comb them back. He never remembered me, and this time was no different. I had my legs crossed and was […]

Color Me Drunk™️ (Allison Vincent)

SCENE: We are in a “Color Me Drunk” franchise located in a strip mall between a Golden Corral and a Micheal’s.   CHARACTERS: KELLY THE ONLY MAN WIFE PABLO PICASSO VINCENT VAN GOGH JACKSON POLLOCK OTHER WOMEN IN THE CROWD Paint Night 1: Pablo Picasso KELLY: Good evening painters!  My name is Kelly Stevens and […]

How I Almost Ruined Christmas (Kay Keegan)

When my fiancé’s niece told me “You’re not even trying,” she lit my temper as easily as a matchstick at the dinner table where the leg of lamb, mashed potatoes and gravy, roasted brussels sprouts and carrots, and my future mother-in-law’s famous baked German pierogi sat before us, but I couldn’t focus on the gratitude […]

Drunk after Psych Ward 1 and Hopefully Last (Santiago Aguado)

I would like to have my woman here with me. To hold her. To feel the stubble on her legs. To bury my head in her torso— Wherever— To tell her things about myself Like who I am, and where I’ve been And how that makes me well Who I am, But the truth is […]


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